We studied the effect of Mg-L-aspartate, MgCL2, and their combinations with vitamin B6, magneB6, and MgSO4 on seizure threshold in rats with dietary Mg2+ deficiency. Mg2+ deficiency was followed by a decrease in the threshold dose of corazol (from 79.20 to 49.48 mg/kg), shortening of the latency of the first jerk (by 33.6%, p=0.012), and reduction of the time to the first episode of clonic seizures (by 32.6%, p=0.011). Seizure threshold and latencies of the first jerk and first episode of clonic seizures increased over 3 weeks after peroral administration of Mg2+ salts. The combination of Mg2+ salts and pyridoxine was most effective in this respect.

Spasov AA, Iezhitsa IN, Kharitonova MV, Kravchenko MS
Bull. Exp. Biol. Med. 2007 Aug;144(2):214-6
PMID: 18399283