Sixty adult patients were examined for dentin hypersensitivity prior to periodontal surgery. Stimuli used included mechanical, cold water and compressed air blasts. A subjective assessment of the degree of hypersensitivity for each stimulus was recorded. This presurgical examination revealed 249 hypersensitive areas among 60 subjects. Following surgery there was over a 100% increase in the pain (hypersensitivity) score. Desensitization with a 10% strontium chloride hexahydrate dentifrice was begun 1 week after surgical treatment. After 7 weeks of dentifrice use the pain score was reduced 75.5% in the test group. This was a reduction to a point below the preoperative level. The placebo group showed a reduction of 34.2% which was still above the preoperative level. These results agree with other clinical studies that have demonstrated a desensitizing effect of strontium chloride.

Uchida A, Wakano Y, Fukuyama O, Miki T, Iwayama Y, Okada H
J. Periodontol. 1980 Oct;51(10):578-81
PMID: 7003091