Strontium salts strongly reduced skin irritation without side-effects, representing a new class of topical anti-inflammatories.


BACKGROUND: Irritant contact dermatitis occurs following topical exposure to many chemicals found in cosmetics, personal care products, drugs, and during occupational exposure. Signs and symptoms may include sensory irritation (sting, burn, and/or itch), erythema, edema, and vesiculation.

OBJECTIVE: In an attempt to discover new classes of anti-irritant compounds without anesthetic properties, I observed that topical application of strontium salts to intact skin produced potent suppression of sting, burn, and itch caused by many irritant chemicals.

METHODS: Chemically and biologically unrelated irritants were applied with or without strontium salts to the skin of healthy women with self-reported sensitive skin in double-blind, vehicle-controlled, random-treatment assignment trials and sensory irritation was assessed.

RESULTS: Strontium application as a pretreatment or mixed with the irritant substantially suppressed sensory irritation without local anesthetic side-effects.

CONCLUSION: Strontium salts represent a new class of selective inhibitors of sensory irritation and irritant dermatitis.

Hahn GS
Dermatol Surg 1999 Sep;25(9):689-94
PMID: 10491058