Magnesium supplementation cures magnesium deficiency

Many illnesses can be treated or even cured with magnesium. A magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient.

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Wexford People - 14 hours ago
Eventually he agreed to take Magnesium. I suggested that he take Solo Magnesium as it contains 375mg of Magnesium Citrate per capsule. Thankfully this worked, and quickly too. Magnesium deficiency is...

Symptoms of a magnesium overdose

Medical News Today - 4 days ago
Magnesium deficiency, or hypomagnesemia, is much more common than hypermagnesemia, especially in otherwise healthy individuals. Some research indicates that 10–30 percent of people have low levels...

7 deficiencies that can cause weight gain

INSIDER - 4 days ago
Although this does not necessarily mean low magnesium is a direct cause of weight gain, the strong correlation between increased magnesium levels and weight loss is also worth considering. Other...

Cocktail of 41 Supplements Ensures Long Life, Says 89-Year-Old Scientist

Inverse - 3 days ago
Take magnesium, for example: If a person is deficient, the body might funnel its remaining stores into fixing a problem like a cramp, which can be caused by magnesium deficiency. But by doing this,...

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